This past year we have had many requests to transport animals – some to local vet appointments, some to rescues in nearby counties. A tortoise returning to Sonoma from Fire evacuation. A beautiful Persian cat to rescue in the East Bay. Roosters to the North Bay.

But it was the request the week before Thanksgiving that took my breath away. How about taking Gina, a big German Shepherd, to Blackfoot, Idaho? Yep. That’s right. Blackfoot, Idaho. So, I put out the call. It took only two hours before I heard back from Tracey O’Hare. She wrote, “Would you believe I’ve always wanted to see Idaho?” We had a transporter!

That week, a big storm hit the Northwest and we were asked to delay the transport by a week. Well, that put us up against Thanksgiving. Could Tracey still handle the request? Oh, and by the way, could she also take three extra dogs from another shelter?

The day after Thanksgiving, with the help of staff members Lauren Cole and Dave Abrams, all four dogs and Tracey were packed up and headed off to Idaho.

Tracey got to Blackfoot later that evening and the Shelter Manager’s son led her into town and to the shelter. She was back at Marin Humane by late Saturday evening! So Tracey arrived in Blackfoot in the dark and left the next day in the dark. I don’t think she got to see much of Idaho!

Thank you Tracey O’Hare. Transporter extraordinaire!

Mary Stumpo, Animal Care Volunteer Coordinator