Greetings Volunteers,

We hope this note finds you at home, healthy and safe. In case you did not see this important Email From Nancy Dec 21, 2020 we encourage you to do so. Life these days certainly changes day-by-day, even hour-by-hour sometimes. We appreciate your support and patience and continued dedication to Marin Humane :-).

Shelter update: We currently have 93 animals in our care: 52 animals in foster and 41 in the shelter. The shelter residents include:  21 cats, 12 dogs,  1 puppy,  2 chickens,  1 guinea pig,  1 snake and 3 mice. 

Adoptions update: Adoptions continue to be quite brisk during this holiday season. Check out this week’s adoption slideshow for a peek at all the happy adoptions! We’ve now done 1,530 adoptions since the March 16th :-).

A gift of poetry: Our staff is multi-talented, but you probably already knew that. In that spirit, we wanted to share this poem, How Covid Killed Christmas, Or Not, from our registered veterinary technician Andrea Reese. Enjoy!

Rescue animals are Time Magazine’s 2020 Pet of the Year! We couldn’t be happier to see that rescue animals are being celebrated and honored as Time Magazine’s pet of the year. Yippee for the national recognition of shelter dogs, cats, and small companion critters!

Happy ending“I just wanted to report back on Domino (formerly Pongo) who was adopted to us just before Thanksgiving!  He has been an absolute delight! He is charming, sweet, and funny.  He loves nothing more than to play hard with his toys and cat tree, and then sleep just as hard after!  As you can see, he has learned the joys of a cozy blanket near a warm fireplace! Our two other pets, a small dog, and older cat have both accepted Domino, and everyone is behaving very well together! Thanks again for helping to set up this adoption. We couldn’t be happier to have Domino as part of our family!”

Cat fosters needed! In an effort to get more animals out of the shelter and into loving foster homes, we could really use more cat fosters! If you’ve wanted to help a cat in need, we can help make that dream come true. We are most in need of homes with no other cats, or a house where you have enough space to keep your resident cat and foster cat separate. And, if you want the joy of working with a shy cat and watch them blossom, we have the job for you! If interested, please contact foster care coordinator Suzanne Gollin at

Marin Humane merchandise: Gift yourself a post-holiday pick-me-up while also helping the shelter animals. Today through 12/25 get 15% off your total purchase of Marin Humane merch on this site. It won’t arrive by Christmas, but will bring a little smile! Enjoy your Marin Humane brand-wear!

Tails of Marin: Ever seen a dog running loose with no guardian in sight? Well, read this week’s Tails of Marin, The right and wrong way to help lost pets, for some helpful tips.

Wishing you and your families a very happy, restful, and healthy holiday season. 

Anne and Candace