Sometimes it is necessary to cancel a license for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the wrong license type was chosen, or there was insufficient information provided.

When this occurs, these are the steps you can take to re-license the pet.

This process assumes you have already created a profile and have logged in to the Online Licensing portal.

1. From the Welcome! landing page, click the link My Pets at the top of the page

2. The cancelled pet should display highlighted, with a message warning that the license applied for was cancelled:

3. Tick the box beside the Name of the animal in question to activate it, then click the Renew button.

4. The Person Details will load so you can verify they are correct and nothing has changed. Click Next to verify and proceed.

5. The animal’s information will appear; correct any information that may have been incorrect (e.g. if that was the reason the license application was cancelled)

6. Click Next

7. The final stage will be to select a License Type from the drop-down. It will default to showing the last license selected, but if this was incorrect, click the down arrow at the end of the drop-down to select another:

8. When the correct license has been selected, click Save.

9. The Payment Page will load. Your payment will have been refunded when the license was cancelled, so please process a payment for the new license application.

10. Payment Details: Enter the Card Number into the area indicated.

    • Enter your zip number as prompted
    • Enter the CVC number as prompted
    • Enter the expiry date as prompted

11. Terms & Conditions: Click on the terms & conditions link to view, then click the adjacent box to agree to these terms and conditions.

12. When the page is complete, the Pay $# button will activate. Click the button to complete.

13. A Your payment was successful! message will display to confirm.

NOTE: The site will notify you of a successful application and your receipt will be emailed.