Hello Volunteers!

At the Volunteer Party, we announced two award winners from our Community Engagement Department: Congratulations to Hiromi Lombardi, the Marin Humane Humane Youth of 2022 and to Ailene Stoddard, the Humane Educator of 2022! Read more about these inspiring individuals below.

Hiromi Lombardi: Hiromi was nominated for this award by Dog Training Instructor Rachel Radetzsky: “Hiromi is currently a Junior at Marin Catholic High School and has been my volunteer dog training assistant at Marin Humane for just over a year. She has easily volunteered several hundred hours with me in my classes and I have had the pleasure of watching her step into and flourish in her role. When she started with me, it was once a week in my Beginning Puppy and Family Dog 1 classes, and has since expanded to twice a week adding Foundation Skills for Agility, Beginning Agility, and soon Intermediate Agility classes. Hiromi is exceedingly reliable, responsible, cooperative, communicative, adaptable, compassionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable.

She has quickly grown from hanging back and waiting for my instruction to stepping in before I know I need something, reminding me to address something to my classes, and supporting me and my students as we learn or try something new. As she has gained experience, she confidently and tactfully answers client questions, passes situations to me if needed, and in certain cases has my complete trust to teach clients skills. She never hesitates to help someone out on campus, be it directing clients, helping out another instructor, or mentoring new volunteers. Her presence is nothing short of supportive and her assistance is invaluable for both me and the community members in our classes.” Congratulations Hiromi on this well-deserved award of Humane Youth of the year!

Aileen Stoddard: Ailene Stoddard was nominated by Kathie Meier, one of our fantastic Animal-Assisted Therapy volunteers. Kathie said that Aileen is a 2nd grade teacher at St. Raphael’s, and continues: “St. Raphael’s has welcomed Marin Humane therapy dogs and integrated them into their curriculum for almost 10 years. Aileen has welcomed them in her class the past two years and has teams visit weekly to read with her class. Her class trip to Marin Humane this spring was a highlight of the semester for her students. St. Raphael’s is a school that emphasizes kindness and empathy and Ailene’s students are learning how important those qualities are both for their fellow students and for our animals. Marin Humane canine volunteers Heidi, Mattie, Welly and Truffles are regular and welcome visitors, and loved by all of her students!” Congratulations Aileen on being awarded the Humane Educator of 2022!