Jack and Molly - Donated $80Brother and sister Jack and Molly (both of whom have attended our humane summer camp) from San Rafael have “Give Jars.” Each week they receive $2 to put in their jars as one of their family’s traditions. After they have saved up some money they decide to whom they want to donate it. MHS was lucky enough to receive their generous donation of $80. Thank you Jack & Molly!

Compassion In Action highlights local youngsters who have made contributions to Marin Humane! Be inspired by the stories on our Compassion In Action Blog. Take a peek at some of our suggestions: collect dog/cat food and treats, create donations for the shelter animals, organize a small fundraising event (bake sale, car wash, lemonade stand) then donate the proceeds to the shelter, or ask for donations in lieu of gifts for your birthday or a holiday. Learn more about our Humane Education department or give us a call  at 415.506.6288.