Mr. HowellDid you know that every adoption animal at Marin Humane gets all the time they need to find a loving home?

It’s true – thanks to the support of our generous community of donors.

Mr. Howell needed a lot of time and care before finding a new family. Indeed, he was in dire straits when he first arrived as a kitten in the summer of 2022, emaciated and dehydrated due to a serious colon condition. Our expert veterinary team got right to work, providing time-intensive treatments and even surgery.

Thankfully, Mr. Howell’s health improved significantly over time, and he soon became a staff and volunteer favorite. Despite his rambunctious and loving personality, many potential adopters who met him were unable to commit to the care required by his medical condition.

All that changed this past weekend when a father visited our Novato campus with his daughter in the hopes of finding a new four-legged member of their family. They met several cats and really loved Mr. Howell. On his 603rd day at Marin Humane, Mr. Howell finally found his new family.

We’re so grateful we were able to give Mr. Howell all the love, care, and time he needed until finding his loving home. Remember, when you donate to Marin Humane, you make stories like Mr. Howell’s possible.