Every day, certain pet guardians are faced with the heart-wrenching possibility of having to rehome their beloved pets. Many people are confronted with the challenge of having to balance their pet’s needs with changes in their lives. Some become overwhelmed by financial costs and still others find themselves at their wit’s end because of a behavior issue with their pet. They believe there is no alternative but to surrender their pet to a shelter.

While we are honored by their trust, one of our goals is to keep pets at home with those who love them, if possible. That’s why we’ve made helping people in these situations a priority. Our Pet Care Assistance program provides financial and home-based support for seniors in need. And, thanks to generous donors, our newly-launched Pet Safety Net does the same for others who are low-income. This support can include free behavior consultations, pet food, supplies, even help with dog walking and litter box cleaning.

But we recognize that sometimes a pet must be rehomed, and since shelter life can be stressful to most animals, we’re proud to offer a free rehoming service on our website called “No Place Like Home.” Pet guardians can post a photo along with detailed information about their pet then meet prospective adopters to decide if it’s the right fit. This program is open to anyone, with the only requirement being that the animal is spayed or neutered (something else we offer at deeply discounted rates for low-income residents).

So as strange as it sounds, we’re working harder than ever to keep pets out of the shelter and in loving homes where they belong.