Phone number: 8313329703
Pet’s Location: 94954
Pet’s Species: Dog
Pet’s Name: Kai
Pet’s Breed: Husky/Border Collie
Pet’s Color: Tan/red
Pet’s Weight/Size 67 lbs
Pet’s Age: 6 years
Pet’s Sex: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes
About the animal:

Kai is a 6-year-old Husky/Border Collie mix. We adopted him at 4 months old from another family, and he has been a very loved member of our family since. He is fully trained- knows sit, stay, come, down, leave it, and “bed” for place. He is playful, intelligent, and loving. Kai doesn’t require a ton of physical affection, although he would never turn down a good belly rub. He is perfectly content laying next to you. He does well at the dog park, loves being chased by other dogs and loves playing fetch. Kai will not chew up anything that is not his. He’s a fast learner and was very easy to train. Kai loves going on long walks and hikes. He loves the beach. His recall skills are a work in progress, but we have always been confident that he wouldn’t go far. They have become much better in the recent years. Once he escaped from our backyard after we moved and he simply found the closest neighbor with an open front door. Kai communicates in creative ways. During winter, he will sometimes tell me he wants to go for a walk by opening my closet door, opening a drawer, and retrieving my gloves.

Kai has always done very well on his pack walks and our dog walker’s house for doggy daycare. She reports he acts very appropriately around other dogs. Not very into playing, and she thinks he would be happiest around female dogs. He has always shared space well with my sister’s dog who is an older medium sized female. He likes to be chased at the dog park by other dogs and always has a great time. Kai grew up with a cat, doesn’t show much interest in cats on walks, but goes crazy if one comes into our backyard at night. We recommend doing a trial to see how Kai would do around another cat.

Kai suffered from separation anxiety when he was a puppy. We did TONS of training around this, and he now will mope when we leave, but we know he feels calm and secure. We know he will be fine when we have to leave him for hours while we are at work, but we have always known that he is MUCH happier in our presence. He treats all family members (anyone who enters the home, really) as part of his pack and looks out for us.

Kai has become increasingly stressed as our 20-month-old son becomes more active. We really think Kai would be much happier in a home without little kids or babies. He has always done great around kids- seems very relaxed when our nieces and nephews visit. But we think it’s too much for him to live full-time with a child. He’s reactive when he gets surprised, which is not safe with a toddler that doesn’t understand boundaries. He has never made contact, but the warning signs (growl, a few snaps) are enough for us to not trust him around our son.

Kai is an amazing dog and we think he will be the perfect family member for someone who can provide the right home, just as he was for us for several years.