To me, it is a wonderful feeling to start anew at midnight on January RobledoFamPic31. A fresh start for a year ahead.

At the Marin Humane Society we are always looking in to the future— asking ourselves what is next for the organization? How can we help more animals? How can we serve our community more effectively? How can we promote the human-animal bond?

Even after five years working here at MHS I hear so many questions about MHS and what we do that it is time to change that.

In 2016 I hope this blog offers a voice that is often muffled by the barks, meows, and squeaks. We have a hugely diverse crew of employees and volunteers who are all here for a different reason, yet we unite behind the same mission. We are hoping to share our story and give you a peek behind the scenes here at MHS.

Here’’s to a Happy 2016 and to the resolution of blogging!

Emily Robledo is the marketing and communications coordinator at the Marin Humane Society. She has two dogs, a new son and a husband to keep her on her tows while she isn’t at work.