This is Bella.  Even though she went home with her new family today, I am posting her picture because she represents the satisfaction and pleasure that volunteers get from working at an animal shelter.  She is a beautiful dog, isn’t she?

A family – parents, two teenage kids – came to the Marin Humane shelter today because they were thinking maybe it was time to get a dog and they wanted to see what was available.  Among the dogs they looked at was Bella – still a pup, just six months old and a wonderful mix of breeds.  They asked to meet her, and waited in a paddock used for such introductions.

Bella game through the gate and rushed immediately to them, wagging her tail and lavishing kisses on each in turn.  It was like – my new family, where have you been? Uncertainties and let’s sees evaporated quickly as Bella’s happiness overwhelmed everyone.  And after the family walked Bella around the shelter grounds they said – yes, Bella is our dog.

Those of us who watched shared the pleasure of this occasion – and we realized that playing just a small part in it was the reason that people come to the shelter to volunteer.  We felt lucky to be there.