Bernie – ADOPTED! Bernie spent most of his life on the move and now he’s more than ready to settle down and stay in one place. And if staying in that one place involves a whole lotta belly rubs, all the better! Belly rubs are Bernie’s absolute favorite. This 5-year-old terrier-Chihuahua cross prefers the company of people to the company of other dogs because, after all, dogs aren’t so great at doling out the attention he needs. While he loves to hang with his people, he can be a little noise-sensitive, so he asks that any kids in his life be mature and dog-savvy enough to respect that. Not too much yelling, please! Just lots of love and Bernie will be a happy camper.

Just to start this new relationship off on the right foot, a friend of Bernie’s has paid his adoption fee!

Come meet Bernie at our main campus in Novato.