During this time of uncertainty and sheltering in place, we’ve heard from many volunteers that they are trying to stay healthy and engaged. Here are a few anecdotes from our volunteers:

Janine A. – I am taking daily hikes with my dog, cooking/baking, weeding and meditating. And taking naps!

Savannah G. – I am fostering Max the cat and he is starting to like me…he loves to sit by the big sliding glass door and watch the birds outside. He doesn’t mind when I rub his back/tail (though it says on his paperwork to avoid those areas because he doesn’t like it). He’s also quite fascinated by my chinchilla, Chester, and stares at him (no lunging!) quite a bit. He is my first foster cat and who knew I would actually grow to enjoy the little fella! Getting outside on solo hikes has kept me happy and healthy, too.

Paula S. – We’re eating much better than we usually do, catching up on sleep and projects, and enjoying extra reading and movie time. We signed up for an extra source of movies and much more, all for free, through our local library, just using our library card number – easy-peasy!  

Shirley G. – I’ve been baking every day – cakes, cookies, bread and if this shelter in place lasts too much longer, I’ll have gained 200 lbs. next time you see me!!!

Sharen M. – Making brownies, mmmm. Gardening. Staying home. Being in touch with loved ones.

Beverlee H. – Staying indoors forces you to do something out of the norm. I have cleaned out some closets and drawers, shredded paper (long overdue), but mostly bonded more with Benji, the four legged dog I adopted from Marin Humane in July. I do not know how I would be handling all this without him.

Cris W. – I’ve been coloring a lot lately to keep busy. It’s very relaxing.

Lisa P. – My tip: Sprouting! A great way to get fresh living food, good for your gut health and easy to do. Just stock up on your favorite seeds or beans (I like mung beans and alfalfa sprouts):

Soak overnight – Put 3 – 5 Tbsp seed in a wide mouth jar. Cover with mesh + secure with a rubber band. Rinse – 2 to 4 times a day, refill jar with cool water, swirl + drain. Then leave draining. Enjoy – Ready to eat in 2 to 5 days. Presto! Live food in a couple of days and no need to go out. Delicious cooked or raw.

Kim B. – Master puzzle solver and foster extraordinaire, Kim is fostering two dogs, Melvin and Poppy. Never a dull moment!