What would become of your beloved pets if something happened that prevented you from caring for them?

As Marin’s open-door shelter, we accept any animal brought to us, but members of our Guardians Program have peace of mind knowing we already have detailed information about their pets to help us find the best possible home for them, should the need ever arise.

Members of Marin Humane’s Legacy Society who make an annual donation of any amount are eligible to participate in our Guardians Program which ensures their pets have the smoothest possible transition to a new home. Providing current pet records means we’ll be familiar with their pets’ medical history and with the endearing behavioral quirks and preferences that make them unique. With this kind of information, we can fast track the evaluation of Guardians Program pets and if they are healthy and adoptable, they’ll be made available for adoption much faster without holding periods for medical and behavioral evaluations. And if requested, we’ll make every effort to re-home pets together even if it takes extra time and effort. 

During the adoption process, we’ll share all the information you’ve provided to us with prospective adopters so the best match can be made as quickly as possible. Our goal is to find a home that’s as stable and loving as the one they shared with you.

Marin Humane is committed to the well-being of your pets and will make every effort to ensure your pets will find the new home that is best suited to their needs. And as with our all our shelter animals, we are com­mitted to ensuring all the animals in our organization are well cared for until they find their forever homes.

For information about Marin Humane’s Legacy Society or Guardians Program contact Nan Zimmerman at 415-506-6233 or at nzimmerman@marinhumane.org. You can also visit our website on this program.