Thank you Marin Humane for helping me and my family add a sweet little dog to our household. We already had a female rescued mini pinscher at home and felt it was time to get another dog for our family and a companion for our dog Rosie. Our family adopted “Marzipan” on August 13th. Little Marzipan is shy, sweet and out of the 20 dogs I have had in my lifetime, the quietest dog I have ever owned. She was tentative at first, definitely submissive to our dog Rosie, but is very warm and was determined to be Rosie’s buddy from the start.

Within four days our newest rescue was completely integrated into our household. She is an absolute love of a dog and a great addition to our family. Rosie and Marzipan are best friends. We have since renamed her Koa or Coco for short. Coco found her “Forever Home” 🙂

Leigh Cavalier and Family