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Agility Field

The Agility Field is available for rental to handlers with dogs who have agility experience from 6 am to 10 pm (the field has lights), except when classes or special events are taking place. Field rental time is for practice only, not for private lessons. If you’re new to Marin Humane, please schedule an appointment to be approved for agility area rental.

Agility Field Resources
Agility Field Fees:
  • $25 for one half-hour
  • $50 for one hour (up to 3 dogs)

Maximum field rental time is two hours for maximum of three dogs.

Special Thanks

The agility field is made possible by generous donations. Marin Humane now has a dedicated field for our agility program with up-to-date equipment, including rubberized contact obstacles, and jumps with movable jump cups for safety.