Meet Us

Change is good.

Marin Humane does so much for so many. Whether we’re providing free pet food to a low-income senior, helping a kid with autism build confidence by working with dogs, teaching people to be good pet parents, or reuniting a lost kitty with her worried family, we’re making lives happy. We’ve always been more than just a shelter for cats and dogs. And it was time we started showing it.

So we got to work. We did our research and brought together a great team charged with creating our new branding. We took a good, hard look at who we are, who we want to be, and how we want people to know us. We worked to distill everything down to our essence, to our DNA (not an easy feat for an organization as complex as ours). We realized that what we’re really about, what is at our core, is: transforming lives. Sometimes they’re small transformations and sometimes they’re big. But the end result is that we’re making lives happy. Voila! The seeds of a tagline were sown….

We then took the time to discover our true personality. We asked, if Marin Humane was a person you met at a party, what would that person be like? They’d be:

  • Spirited: Transforming lives is a pretty amazing thing. It fires us up to help as many animals and people as we can.
  • Inventive: We didn’t become trailblazers by following the status quo.
  • Big-hearted: We always wear our love of animals right on our sleeves. And in our smiles!
  • Open-minded: We embrace different perspectives and recognize that everyone’s situation is unique. We meet people where they are, without judgment.
  • Wise: A wealth of experience gives us the confidence to navigate through complexities others might steer clear of.
  • Tenacious: We have the courage of our convictions. We’re steadfast in our work, giving animals the life they deserve.

Logo Artwork File

Next, we revisited our vision and mission statements and refined them to truly reflect who we are.

Our Mission:

We transform lives through exceptional animal care, humane education, and advocacy. Every day, we inspire compassion and positive relationships between people and animals.

Our Vision:

A humane world for every animal.

Taking all that into consideration, we chose a new identity system that we think truly reflects who Marin Humane is. This includes the new logo. It’s a simple, clean look with a bright, cheerful blue, a warm grey, and lots of white space. The tagline “Lives made happy” is alluded to in the “U” in our name, as the shape of a smile.

And we did all that while creating this brand-spankin’-new website you’re now perusing. We hope you’re purring away at the new us!