I wanted to write you about my dog, Mojo. I adopted her from Marin Humane Society in October 2012 at the Bay Area Pet Fair. Her original “shelter” name was Sheila. Before she went up to Novato, she was in the care of the Animal Compassion Team of CA in Fresno.

Mojo’s original Behavior Assessment Saying, “I am so happy to just hang out with you,” is mostly still true. She’s always been very good at doing her own thing, which is basically hanging out most of the day. She is active, but basically a mellow dog.

I did a DNA test many years ago, and she came up three parts Swiss shepherd and the rest a mix of Australian shepherd and cattle dog. She definitely has shepherd tendencies; she’s done agility, flyball, dock diving, and she is a ball dog through and through! She still jogs along with me while I ride my bike on our daily outings.

She still loves people, kids especially, and greets everyone with loud, exuberant requests for treats and petting. And, it turns out she gets along with most all dogs, great and small. Yes, she is a Very Nice Dog!  😉

After I had Mojo for a couple years, I wanted to find another friend for us. I went back to the Pet Fair, where I learned more about the rescue world and discovered fostering. People always ask how I could take a dog in and then give them up again, but I get to meet and experience so many interesting dogs, then help them find good homes of their own. It seems like a win-win to me.

Since that time, Mojo has helped me foster 37 (and counting) dogs, including Hobbes who we decided to keep.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little about how Mojo (fka: Sheila) came full circle by helping me help other dogs in need.

Thanks for all you do, and best of luck with the work!