Moose and famMoose arrived at MHS weighing a hefty 32 lbs. His guardian had been hospitalized and was unable to care for him.

In addition to his weight-related issues, Moose also developed a severe upper respiratory infection. He became very sick, very fast, and soon began going into liver failure. To save his life, we surgically inserted an esophageal tube so that we could feed Moose and give him medicine to fight his respiratory infection.

To ensure he could receive his meals and medicine through his feeding tube on schedule, our own veterinarian, Dr. Belinda Evans became Moose’s foster mom. After a week, he began eating by himself, and after two weeks he had recovered and his feeding tube was removed.

After nearly four months of care, Moose was finally ready to find his new home. As luck would have it, he was adopted by the McFarland family of San Rafael the very first day he was made available! Thanks to the support of individuals like you, we are able to go to great lengths to help cats, dogs, small companion and farm animals in their time of need.