Moose joined me in 2019 right after I had graduated from graduate school and moved back to Marin from NYC. It was a big transition! Difficult to say the least. In the last semester of graduate school my childhood dog crossed the rainbow bridge, so coming home to a house without a dog was lonely. Thankfully, Moose was waiting for me. Over past three years, Moose has become my soul dog. He is my best friend. He is loved by family and friends, neighbors, daycare staff, and all the strangers he greets with his nose on their hands as we walk by. He’s never met a throw pillow he didn’t like. His new favorite word is “squirrel”, but he also knows many others. He really is an angel, and I’m lucky to be Moose’s mom. Thank you, Marin Humane, for bringing us together.Love, Moose and Mari