Phone number: 9162601799
Pet’s Location: San Rafael California
Pet’s Species: Dog
Pet’s Name: Murray
Pet’s Breed: Rottweiler
Pet’s Color: Black
Pet’s Weight/Size 88 lbs
Pet’s Age: 2 years
Pet’s Sex: Male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes
About the animal:

Murray lives in a child-free home as the only dog. He rooms with a cat who he gets along with okay. I adopted murray as a rescue previously and it seems as though he wasn’t properly socialized as a puppy. He was previously found as a stray, malnourished, wandering the streets in Sacramento. So not much is known of his previous life. I cannot keep him because I’m leaving for college soon and my grandma can’t take care of him. Anybody adopting him must be up for professional training. He is a sweet boy but is afraid of new people and on walks he always pulls towards other dogs. I’m not sure if it’s because he wants to play or isn’t friendly. He loves to go on hikes, play fetch, and tug of war. He is a great, protective, dog who just needs some extra time and training.