At Marin Humane, we keep a fairly busy schedule due to the fact that every day, animals need our care, assistance, and protection. Our amazing board of directors and staff never give up when it comes to working to get us closer to achieving our vision of the future – “a humane world for every animal.” And like many who proclaim ambitious resolutions or set personal improvement goals at the beginning of the new calendar, Marin Humane is no different! I thought I would share with you our top three resolutions and some of our exciting plans for 2018. I hope you’ll be interested in getting involved in them, as volunteers are going to be the key to our success!

First, we are resolving to do more to improve the conditions and lives of animals – whether they are domesticated, feral, wild, or farm animals.

Our life-saving work continues to focus on our adoption program as well as Animal Services (prevention and enforcement) to help bring and/or keep more animals and people together.

With our recent experience responding to hurricanes and wildfires, we want to re-supply and enhance our disaster supplies and equipment, as well as strengthen our disaster preparedness efforts in our organization, throughout our community, and beyond.

This year, however, one of our biggest efforts is advocating for improvements to the conditions of farm animals in California. Marin Humane has joined a coalition of national and regional organizations to put a measure called the Prevent Cruelty California Act on the November ballot. This proposition will guarantee that veal calves, breeding pigs, and egg-laying hens aren’t locked in cramped cages inside California factory farms. It will also ensure that meat and eggs sold in California, including liquid eggs (which account for one third), will meet this modest animal welfare and food safety requirement.

The signature gathering period began last fall and goes until April 21, 2018. The Humane Society of the United States (we’re not a chapter or branch of their organization) needs to collect 600,000 signatures for the measure to qualify for the ballot. And the signatures must be done correctly by California registered voters, in ink, on official petitions in order to get the measure placed on the statewide ballot in November 2018. To learn more, go to To have your signature count towards getting this important initiative on the November 2018 ballot, visit our Novato campus or contact us at 415-506-6209.

Second, we are resolving to provide a stronger, if not wider, safety net of programs and humane education to help people and animals stay together and thrive.

Marin Humane’s Pet Care Assistance and pet food bank programs receive numerous requests for help from needy pet guardians. In 2018, we plan to explore additional ways to provide assistance and resources to prevent more animals from becoming homeless, neglected, discarded, abused, or without the basics such as proper veterinary care.

Third, we are resolving to address our aging campus facilities and plan for future building usage and needs.

Our main campus is nearly 50 years old. In the coming year, our board and senior staff will be undertaking the tough decisions about what needs to be fixed on a short-term basis or built anew to better address the various uses of our many programs and services. Our master planning process is taking a long-term view so we can address the changes to animal housing, the need for more classroom and people space, and more. Our intent with the final master plan is to create a welcoming, efficient, unified, and contemporary space for animals, visitors, staff, and volunteers, with capacity for growth.

I want to thank all our volunteers for their time, talent, and overall support of Marin Humane this past year, and I hope we can count on you to support our activities planned for 2018 (some of which are listed above). Volunteers play a vital role in all our programs and services, and many of you also make financial contributions to our organization, so on behalf of the staff and board of directors, I want to thank you for all your time and financial donations. Together we are transforming the lives of both people and animals!

Nancy B McKenney, MNPL, CAWA


Pet Parent to Brody, Fiona & Leo (all adoptees)