Marin Humane has been in partnership with Marin Friends of Ferals for many years, placing hundreds of feral and semi feral cats in outdoor homes. These are cats that traditionally would not be adoption candidates. As of this year, our feral cats have a fancy new title, now known as Career Cats.

Career Cats are outdoor, under-socialized cats who aren’t able to be adopted as typical pets. They’re generally shy, stray, semi-feral cats that prefer little to no human contact, making them unsuitable as indoor pets. If surrendered to a shelter, these cats would not likely be adoption candidates. Career Cats provide an eco-friendly solution to rodent control by becoming working cats on a property. Adopting a Career Cat saves the lives of cats who may not have other options.

Marin Humane still advocates for cats to live indoors, but there are cases in which living indoors is not possible. The Career Cat program finds alternative placement for these cats where adopters agree to provide them with food, water and shelter. Marin Humane even has their own successful Career Cat placement— Freddy the Feral! If you haven’t met him already, I am happy to introduce you.

In 2014, we began to place our first few Career Cats in barns and warehouses and had 17 placed that year. This increased to 46 in 2015, 119 in 2016, and this year we have placed 155 cats as Career Cats. Our goal for 2018 is to place 200 Career Cats in homes.

In order to achieve this goal, we are looking for more volunteer help with the Career Cat program. Become involved in this program and begin making a difference in the lives of many of our less fortunate felines throughout our community. No previous cat experience necessary! If you have any questions about helping with the Career Cat program, please contact the Volunteer Department.

Thank you,

Kyle Dunlop

 Rescue Coordinator/Adoption Counselor