Oh Behave

Canine Sports & Agility

Whether you’re looking for agility, flyball, rally obedience, nosework, or other canine sports for you and your four-legged friend, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match here!

Agility Classes

We offer agility training classes from Foundation Skills For Agility to Masters Handling on our fully-equipped agility field at our Novato Campus. Our grass field has up-to-date equipment, a shaded crating area, and lights for night training. Agility is a fun sport for those who want to increase their connection with their dog and burn some energy!

Agility Field Rental

The Agility Field is available for rental from 6 am to 10 pm to dog/handler teams who have sufficient agility experience. You must have prior approval to book agility area time. If you are new to Marin Humane, you can schedule an appointment to be approved for Agility Field rental by emailing ohbehave@marinhumane.org and you will be contacted by the Agility Program Manager to be assessed.

Agility Field Fees:

$25 for one half-hour (max of 2 dogs)
$50 for one hour (max of 3 dogs)
Maximum field rental time is two hours for up to three dogs.

Upon approval, you’ll receive information to schedule rentals on the Sports Field Calendar which allows you to sign up and pay for practice time. Field rental time is specifically for practice. No instructional classes or private lessons are to be given.

Nosework (aka scentwork or scent detection) is a fun dog sport that mimics professional detection activities. Nosework is a terrific sport for both people and dogs of all types, sizes, and ages. This easy-to-learn activity builds confidence and focus, while providing mental and physical stimulation. Dogs work one at a time, which is especially great for reactive dogs, and it helps build a strong relationship between handler and dog. If your dog has a nose, you’ve got a nosework dog! The only way to know for sure how much you and your dog will love nosework is to give it a try.

The companion dog sport of Rally evolved out of the sometimes-silly warm-up exercises traditional Obedience competitors did before their trials, known as “doodling.” Rally might just be the perfect venue for you and your dog to have some fun with the Family Dog behaviors you’ve learned, and to build teamwork through precision handling and positions. Challenge yourself and your dog by heeling through a course with 15-20 signs that instruct handler/dog teams what exercise to do – sits and downs, walk-arounds, 360s, and more! Handlers are allowed to cheerlead dogs through the course with verbal encouragement, clapping hands, or patting legs. It’s pretty easy to see how students can get hooked on Rally!

Flyball is a fun and exciting relay race where teams of four dogs race together against teams from other clubs. Dogs who are athletic, energetic, and love playing with their humans will love this game. Currently, the flyball program at Marin Humane is full. To be added to the mailing list for future vacancies, please e-mail Heather at marinrunningriotflyballclub@gmail.com.