Oh Behave

Dog Classes

Marin Humane’s Behavior & Training offers dog training classes from beginning skills to advanced behaviors that will help your dog develop a great relationship.

Our instructors use positive reinforcement to teach your dog a variety of skills including how to walk on a leash without pulling (ugh!), to sit or lie down quietly (ahhhh), to come when called and to wait at doors (yay!).

In addition, we offer dog sport classes including agility (yipee!), scenting (hmmm), flyball and rally obedience (woohoo!).

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Our instructors provide workshops on a wide variety of topics including Tricks, Crate Training, Training with Clickers, Agility Skills, Recalls and Leash Walking Behaviors. Check out our Workshops.

If there is a workshop topic you are interested in that we don’t currently offer, please call 415.506.6280 and let us know!