Oh, Behave

Placement Test Information

Thank you for your interest in dog training classes at Marin Humane! If you haven’t taken classes with us before, in order to join us for an Intermediate, Advanced, or Specialty class like Intro to Agility, we ask that you complete a self-assessment and sign up for a pre-screening test appointment. The fee for the pre-screening appointment is $60.

There are two components to being ready for a class:

  • Your dog’s skills and understanding of cues
  • Your understanding of Marin Humane’s training theory, terminology, and training exercises.

Navigating the Placement process

Please do not sign up for a class until you are confident you will be able to successfully pass the Placement Test.

    1. Watch our free Family Dog 1 Virtual Orientation. You will need to complete the homework assignments or be comfortable with all of the concepts in the homework assignments.
    2. Review the following terminology and training concepts:
      • Marker and Release Words (orientation video)
      • The Behavior Triad  (orientation video)
      • Find it, Attention, and Orientation back to the hander (orientation video)
      • Wait (training handout)
      • Building duration on stationary behaviors — sit, down, and stand (training handout) including using a Mark Bucket
      • Moving from front to a side position and polite walking (training handout)
    3. Once you have watched the Virtual Orientation and feel comfortable with the above skills, review the list of skills required for Family Dog 2 through 5 or Intro to Agility. This will help you determine the appropriate level for which you will be taking the Placement Test.
    4. Create an account and register for a Placement Test. (Note: the 12/31/22 date acts only as a placeholder. We will coordinate a time with you to meet with one of our instructors!)
    5. Bring your dog to the placement test appointment with one of our instructors. Appointments usually take 30-45 minutes, during which we will ask you and your dog to demonstrate the behaviors described for the class you are interested in taking. Use your dog’s regular walking equipment, treats, and toys as needed. A flat snap or buckle collar and a six-foot leash are required for use during the test.