Oh, Behave

Choosing the Right Class for your Dog

To start off on the right paw, we encourage you to start at the beginning! Select an age-appropriate basic class that works with your schedule. These classes will provide your pup with the foundation and skills needed to become a well-mannered member of the family and through that process, help you build a lifelong bond.

Foundation Classes


After your Foundation Classes

Your instructor will be happy to recommend the next best step for your puppy or dog. Some of the most common progressions are:


Specialty Classes

The Foundation classes are designed for people and dog friendly dogs. For those dogs or handlers that need some special attention or accommodations we offer these special classes:


We offer many classes and workshops to address specific skills and common behavior problems and fun ways to spend time learning with your dog. Once you have completed some basic training, it opens up the opportunity to try a variety of fun dog sport classes including Nosework, Agility, Rally Obedience, Canine Freestyle, Canine Good Citizen, Tricks, Stunt Dog, Circus Dog, Flyball, Disc Dog, K9 Fitness for Fun, and Parkour.

If you haven’t taken classes with us before, you may need to schedule a placement test to join us for an Intermediate, Advanced, or Specialty class. Contact us for info on arranging a placement test at 415.506.6280.

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