Phone number: 8184141698
Pet’s Location: Oakland
Pet’s Species: Cat
Pet’s Name: Oreo
Pet’s Breed: American shorthair
Pet’s Color: Black & White (Tuxedo)
Pet’s Weight/Size 3.5lbs
Pet’s Age: 3 months
Pet’s Sex: Female
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Yes
About the animal:

Oreo was found injured, alone, and scared in a backyard. She had a severely injured upper lip.
But with medical attention and time, she has healed well enough to be ready to find her “forever home”!
She’s a newly minted “fixed” female kitten, just days out of surgery. Although you wouldn’t know it, because she’s back to her active, playful, confident self! In fact, she rules the roost. There are five adult cats in my home currently, so Oreo has contact with adult cats. Lots of contact! And considers them all to be her “loyal subjects”…
She is the smallest cat in the place, but has the biggest personality(which might explain the busted lip). I feel Oreo will do well with other friendly cats, and maybe even thrive with a “cat friendly” dog! She’s young enough to adapt to almost any situation, and she’s confident enough to make the most of the chance she’s given!
She’s a very independent kitten, yet needs her cuddle time too. So if you don’t want a cat that will sleep on your lap, or on your bed, or even on your head, this isn’t the cat for you! She absolutely wants connection with humans.
And whatever event that caused her injuries, it hasn’t left some lasting trauma regarding her trust of humans. She has been through a lot in her very short life, so she deserves a chance at having an easier time for the rest of her life!
While Oreo fits in well at her current stop, I feel that it would be better for her life, to be in a home that doesn’t have quite so many cats already residing there. So my hope is to find a person/persons that wants to rescue this special creature. And hopefully know what it takes to rescue a cat, because they already have at least one in the home.
I feel Oreo would do better with other animals around. Here current situation is very quiet, and low key. But I don’t think a little more energy, foot traffic would dampen her personality any! She is absolutely a star in the making, she just needs a chance to shine…