Bear in San Anselmo!

SAN ANSELMO CA – MAY 13: A bear stands in a tree in the backyard of a home in San Anselmo, Calif. on Thursday, May 13, 2021. (Alan Dep/Marin Independent Journal)

Bears aren’t exactly a common sight in San Anselmo but that’s exactly what one resident saw when he looked up into his neighbor’s tree on Tamalpais Avenue last month. After a call to 911, several agencies were promptly on the scene, including Marin Humane’s officers, to ensure the safety of both the bear and the public.

Luckily, after a few hours, the black bear came down from the tree on their own and headed towards open space near Mt. Tam. We’re relieved that the bear is safe and we’re very grateful to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Central Marin Police for pursuing non-lethal options.

Storm Drain SOS

In early May, we received a call from a San Rafael resident who had discovered a fawn stuck in a storm drain. Poor baby! But thank goodness for Officer Boyle, who was able to climb down into the drain and use his pole to reach the tiny, trapped fawn.

After pulling the fawn to safety, Officer Boyle witnessed a sweet reunion with mom who’d been waiting just above the sewer. We’re thrilled to hear baby was unharmed and the pair walked off together, safe and sound.

Great job, Office Boyle!

If you ever spot wildlife in distress, we’re available 24/7 by phone at 415-883-4621.

Lifesaving Teamwork

Talk about a dramatic rescue! Recently, our Animal Services Officer Ruben Cervantes assisted in the rescue of a dog that had gotten stuck in a drainage pipe. Georgia, an English Springer Spaniel, decided to investigate a pipe where some local raccoons often hang out, when she ended up getting stuck deep in the ground and around a corner. Scary!

The rescue took over two hours and required a rope plunger system and pipe cameras! Thanks to the hard work of Officer Cervantes, the Ross Valley Fire Department, the Kentfield Fire Protection District, and two workers from Sewer Tek Co. — who just happened to be working on a job nearby and graciously stepped up to help — Georgia was finally lifted to safety.

Obviously Georgia’s family was thrilled that she was safe and sound! We’re so glad that our officer could help Georgia get back to her family’s arms.