Above & Beyond

Helping overcrowded shelters means more lives saved.

Pet Partnership Program transfers animals to Marin HumaneMarin Humane was considered a trailblazer in the 1970s when we introduced progressive spay/neuter and humane education programs. Reducing the number of homeless animals entering our shelter coupled with a high adoption rate means that every adoptable animal who comes through our doors is given as much time as he or she needs to find a home.

Unfortunately, across the country, many shelters are forced to euthanize adoptable animals due to insufficient resources. That’s where our Pet Partnership Program comes in. It helps alleviate the burden on overcrowded shelters and gives animals facing euthanasia a second chance at life. We partner with dozens of overcrowded shelters throughout the state to bring close to 1,000 animals each year to Marin so they can be adopted into permanent homes.

Watch an amazing video about a very special dog who came to us from very far away.

For more information about the Marin Humane Pet Partnership Program, please call 415.506.6230