Eight beautiful Angora rabbits were left outside Marin Humane’s Novato shelter in the early morning hours Wednesday, along with a note asking to find homes for them. The rabbits, large Angoras, were left in cardboard boxes.

“While we’re grateful the rabbits are safe, taking in this many unexpectedly, along with the 23 other bunnies in our care, is stretching our resources to the limit,” said Director of Shelter Services, Keri Fennell. “We’re hoping people will step up to adopt or provide a foster home for one of these new arrivals or for any of the other adorable bunnies waiting for homes.”

The rabbits are all in general good health, although most had matted fur and one required emergency surgery at the shelter to repair a recent injury. Angora rabbits are famous for their silky, smooth fur; but they require a family who is committed to their care, which includes daily brushing. Angoras can get painful mats when not cared for properly. They’re also larger than other rabbits, so they require more space.

Angora rabbitA note with photos of each of the rabbits was placed alongside the boxes left at Marin Humane. The people who left the rabbits asked that the shelter find homes for them and expressed regret they were unable to do.

“We wish the people who left the rabbits would have contacted us first. Marin Humane is able to help struggling pet parents, whether it’s with financial support, behavioral advice, or rehoming when necessary,” said Keri Fennell. “Even the nicest animal shelter is still a shelter. A home is always better for animals.”

Marin Humane has vaccinated and groomed all the bunnies, and the new arrivals will soon be spayed or neutered before becoming available for adoption.

In addition to the many rabbits in its care, Marin Humane also has an abundance of other small pets right now, including guinea pigs. If you’re interested in adopting, please contact Marin Humane, 415-506-6225 or adoptions@marinhumane.org. If you’re interested in fostering, please call 415-506-6224. Foster families are provided with all needed supplies and ample guidance. To help sponsor these bunnies and other animals in our care, please make a donation.

Marin Humane is a community-based animal shelter and resource center. In addition to finding homes for pets, Marin Humane offers award-winning dog training, humane education programs, and financial support for struggling pet parents, among other programs. Animals are never euthanized for lack of space or time.