Dear Volunteers,

Please read this important message from Captain Cindy Machado, Director of Animal Services here at Marin Humane.

Marin Humane is involved in a state-wide coalition with a number of animal organizations that are working hard to get 600,000+ signatures for the upcoming November 2018 California ballot. The Initiative is called the “Prevent Cruelty California” campaign.

We feel this initiative is a very important step in our efforts to improve the lives of certain farmed animals (egg laying hens, pigs, and veal calves). If passed by our California voters, it will result in one of the strongest animal welfare laws in the country while also providing more space to the animals that are currently impacted.

Not only will it help animals raised within California, but it will also include any animal products from other states sold to have the same protections for animals raised outside of California. In order to be able to vote for it, we have to get the required number of signatures to qualify for the ballot.

We feel the need to invigorate our petition gathering strategies and opportunities on our campus and beyond. To ensure we meet the deadline for verified signatures by mid-April we need all of your help in the following ways:

  • Stop by the front counter of our main shelter to sign a petition. Encourage and help direct customers, fellow volunteers, colleagues, vendors and anyone else to sign a petition
  • Help us identify any opportunities on campus where there will be a crowd, large or small where we could station petition signature gatherers
  • If you are attending an event, party, activity, etc. consider helping us gather signatures. We love places with lines and animal friendly folks!
  • Invite one of our gatherers to your function
  • Share any and all ideas you may have to help us get more signatures

If you are interested in receiving your own set of petitions and instructions to help us get more petitions signed, please contact me, Cindy Machado, at You may also get more information by visiting Your help is greatly appreciated.

Captain Cindy Machado, CAWA

Director of Animal Services

415.506.6209 Direct

415.883.4621 Campus