Release of Liability – Marin Humane Behavior and Training Activities

I hereby acknowledge that I choose to participate in Marin Humane’s Behavior and Training activities on-campus or off-campus, including but not limited to Dog Training Classes, Consultations, Private Training and Behavior and Training Events. I further understand that Marin Humane and its agents will take all reasonable precautions to insure the health and safety of my person, my guest(s) as applicable, and my animal companion during the aforementioned activities. Recognizing the inherent risks of these activities, I will not hold Marin Humane or its agents responsible should an accident, injury, or illness occur prior to, during and/or following these activities.

I agree to comply with all current Marin County COVID-19 Safety Guidelines including sanitizing hands prior to beginning any on-campus or off-campus activity, physical distancing of at least six feet at all times, wearing a face covering at all times*, not participating in any Behavior and Training activities if exhibiting any symptoms and contacting Marin Humane immediately if diagnosed with COVID-19 so contact tracing can begin. Clients above the age of 65 and others at increased risk for more severe diseases if infected should consult their physician before participating in any of Marin Humane Behavior and Training activities.

*face coverings are mandatory at all times except when actively running a dog in an agility dog training class. During this time of actively running a dog, we would still strongly encourage you to keep your face covering on.