Each meeting our Student Service clubs engage in an activity to help the shelter and I always aim to have them meet someone who works at the shelter.

This week, the Roots and Shoots club met Officer Darlington, one of our Animal Services Officers. Officer Darlington told us all about her job and the calls she gets each day – both typical and atypical. Her most recent adventure involved rescuing a turkey that had crashed through a woman’s window and got trapped in her house! Officer Darlington came to the rescue and was able to capture the bird and take it to WildCare in San Rafael where it will be rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

Students listen to Officer Darlington explain the calls Officers have responded to.

Officer Darlington shows us her Animal Services Van.







Students also got to see Officer Darlington’s van with the tools she uses to help animals.

Our project to help the shelter this meeting was stuffing kongs for the dogs. Kongs are what we call “Dog Enrichment” because it provides the dogs with something to do while they are alone in their rooms. Licking and biting toys is a calming activity, which is very necessary in the sometimes stressful environment of a shelter. We fill the kongs partly with dry kibble and top them off with wet food. You can provide your dogs with kongs at home while you are out of the house or when they need a quiet activity. We even got to give out a few of the kongs!

Students stuff dog kongs with dry kibble and wet food.

Arlo gets a kong!







Next meeting we will have a special presentation from Farm Sanctuary. Thanks again to all of our dedicated staff and club members for providing enriching activities to the shelter animals and providing our students with more knowledge about Humane practices!