When Teri Hays approached Marin Humane, she was at a loss. Her young cat, Sheldon, had been limping, and even after multiple visits to her regular veterinarian, they were still without a definitive diagnosis.

Running low on funds and anxious to ease Sheldon’s pain, Teri turned to the Pet Safety Net program.

Marin Humane’s Pet Safety Net program provides pet food, vaccines, and funding for veterinary care for the animals of Marin residents facing financial challenges who have run out of resources. People all over Marin are struggling to make ends meet and facing difficult choices when they can’t afford a veterinary bill or even basic supplies for their pets. Our program helps people keep their animals healthy and in their homes.

We stepped in to help Sheldon, and connected Teri with Dr. Russ Gurevitch, an orthopedic surgeon in Petaluma. Dr. Gurevitch diagnosed Sheldon with a soft-tissue sarcoma – an aggressive cancer that required amputation of the affected limb to ensure the cancer didn’t spread.

Thanks to funding from the Pet Safety Net and a discount from Dr. Gurevitch, Sheldon was able to receive this life-saving surgery within just a matter of days of his diagnosis.

Now Sheldon is living happily with his three healthy legs and getting around the house just fine. As for Teri, she says, “I’m so blessed to be able to share Sheldon’s story. I’m very thankful for the financial help and personal support I received.”

For information about this program and how to support it, visit marinhumane.org/safetynet