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While being stuck at home during this “Shelter in Place” order can be stressful, there are ways to ensure you and your furry friends are enjoying your time together. Our Humane Education team compiled some activities that you can do during the next few weeks to keep yourselves busy — and benefit you pets! These activities are based on our Humane Summer Camp program. 


  • Draw a picture of you and your pet (or a pet you want) spending time together. Write a sentence or two (or a whole story) of what you are doing.

  • Draw or paint a portrait of your pet. Use your favorite photo of them or watch them in their most comfortable position.

  • Read to your pet! Did you know that reading to an animal helps boost kids’ literacy skills and decreases stress for both humans and furry friends!

  • Go to our Vimeo page to watch different videos about Marin Humane programs.

  • Watch “Playing it Safe with Dogs” on YouTube and discuss the importance of acting respectfully around dogs.



  • Using old magazines and calendars, create a collage “creature” using the body parts of different animals. Draw a background to show where it lives and give it a scientific name! Think about what it eats and how it survives in the wild. Or is it a new breed of domestic animal?

  • Observe nature using your senses! Prepare a paper by folding it into four sections (across the middle in both directions), then label the four sections: 5 Senses, drawing, writing, and personal choice. Now go pick a spot outside and sit for 2 minutes, just observing. After two minutes, fill in your paper. In the 5 Senses section, write a sentence for each sense (I feel… I taste… I see… I hear… I smell…). In the drawing section, draw a picture of what you see. Write about what you see, in the writing section, by writing a poem, haiku, story, or just a few sentences. In the personal choice section, do whatever you want! You may even want to combine your drawing and personal choice sections to make one big drawing.

  • Set up a scenting activity for your pet. Hide their favorite treat or toy in an easy place (without them seeing), then tell them to “find it” while you walk around with them and help them sniff it out. When they find it, they get the treat or toy! Start in a small, easy area, then make it more difficult as your pet gets the hang of it.



  • Do some training with your pet! Have their favorite treats ready and start easy with something they already know (name recall or sit, for example). The second they do the action you requested, mark the word (with a “yes”, for example) and give them a treat. Move on to a new command. Check out our Behavior and Training Handouts for more ideas!

  • Make treats for your pet! Check out some recipes for dog treats, cat treats, and rabbit treats.

Have any more ideas to share with our community? Email — we’d love to hear from you and your family!