We’ve seen it time and again here at Marin Humane: a pair of bonded, adult kitties waiting for weeks, or even months, for an adopter to come along.

People pass them by for single adult cats, or pairs of kittens, making the assumption that two adult cats will be too much work. But often, the opposite is true!

Bonded pets, whether they be cats, dogs, or any other animal, come with a built-in buddy who can actually lighten the load for you as their guardian. Plus, it can lead to a healthier life for both animals Here’s why:

They won’t get lonely.

If you’re gone from the house a lot, you don’t have to worry that your pets will be lonesome! Plus, animals who are part of a pair are less likely to struggle with separation anxiety and all the problematic behaviors associated with it. And for some animals like parakeets and guinea pigs, who are used to living in a flock or pack, having companionship will reduce stress and keep them healthier, longer.

They’re less likely to get into trouble.

A bored pet will seek entertainment, sometimes in the wrong places! But with a playmate to keep them occupied, they’ll get involved in far fewer shenanigans.

They’ll get more exercise.

There’s nothing like a buddy to keep your pets fit. And fitter animals means fewer vet bills!

They’ll get along well.

Introducing two animals who’ve never met can be a complicated process that requires patience and monitoring. But you can skip that step if you simply adopt a pair who’s already bonded!