I adopted Suki (previously Sisu), a then 9ish-month-old GSD mix, in 2009 from Marin Humane, after begging my family for a dog for 16 years of my life. Suki came from Guatemala, had never walked on a leash before, and tried to dig herself under our fence for weeks after we adopted her.

Since then, Suki has been there for me through high school, college, vet school, and the beginning of my career. I became a veterinarian and devoted my life to cats and dogs because I wanted other people to be able to experience the same relationship I have with my dog.

She’s been there for me through every relationship, every friendship, and was the star attendant at my wedding. She’s now living her 13-year-old life in a house that my husband and I bought (with her needs in mind, of course) and that we’ve deemed her ‘retirement home.’

Thank you Marin Humane Society for bringing me my best friend. I will forever be grateful.

– Lauren Nekota