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Honor or memorialize a friend or loved one — person or pet — with a gift.

Marin Humane offers many ways to honor your loved ones – pets and people – through your charitable giving. Whether you wish to memorialize your pet, honor a friend, celebrate a birthday, toast the holidays, or acknowledge accomplishments, there are many opportunities in place for a tribute gift.

Send a Personal Message

Choose one of these options when you make a gift:

We’ll send a special letter notifying them of your gift (amount of gift won’t be disclosed). Please allow a minimum of 3-5 business days.

Choose from several adorable card designs and include a personal message.

Giving Tree

Adoption Giving Tree

Honor or remember a favorite friend with a leaf on our Giving Trees. These trees are located in the Cat and Dog Adoption areas on our Novato campus. The beautifully engraved leaves (starting at $250 each) also make a thoughtful gift for others. To order, please contact development@marinhumane.org or 415.506.6231.