The Accidental Foster Mom

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By Candace Key The question was only slightly less jarring since I was standing in the parking lot of a pet supply store. I turned to see an agitated young man who had just exited the store throw up his hands in frustration. He had wandered the store, desperately asking if anyone could take the cat he had pulled from the traffic twice and chased up a tree. “I’m sorry, I’m only visiting here and I have no way to keep a cat.” He was beside himself in the one hundred degree heat and clearly at [...]

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21 cats dropped off at Marin Humane Society

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In the cold hours before dawn on Monday, November 25, a silver SUV drove up to the Marin Humane Society’s night kennel and dropped off several cardboard boxes. When our Animal Services Officer on duty discovered the boxes, he heard a chorus of meows. Inside the boxes were 21 cats. The 12 adults and 9 kittens were immediately brought inside MHS’s doors, where they were given food, water, and clean kennels with fresh bedding and blankets. All of these cats will be given medical care, behavior evaluations, socialization, spay or neuter surgery – and lots of [...]

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