Think twice before booking an ‘animal encounter’

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A moose photographed at Grand Teton National Park in 2023 — from a safe distance. Encountering wildlife in their natural habitats can be awe-inspiring and may contribute to urgently needed conservation efforts. Tourism dollars can fund animal sanctuaries, and the rise of whale watching famously helps educate visitors and allows scientists to collect data on whale behavior. Unfortunately, distinguishing between ethical encounters and harmful ones isn’t always straightforward — and slick, professional marketing can blur the lines between conservation and exploitation. With the summer travel season coming up, it’s important we educate ourselves so [...]

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Gorillas I Miss

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Kim and Susie in Rwanda Kim Bromley with Susie Harper Recently, our local newspaper sent out a call for six word stories about the best vacation you ever had. I submitted: One hour with gorillas in Rwanda. It was indeed the best hour of my life (something I don’t rub in my husband’s face, but true nonetheless). We were fortunate to spend that hour not only with mountain gorillas, but with some much treasured friends from Marin Humane: Betsy McGee (our intrepid trip planner and coordinator), Nancy Weiler (travel companion extraordinaire) and Susie Harper [...]

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