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Getting a lift instead of giving one Since the beginning of 2022, both Susie Harper and I have had the joy and pleasure of traveling to North Africa, Susie to Morocco and I to Egypt (and Jordan, which is technically part of Eurasia). For this blog we’ve teamed up with our collective photos and our conflicted thoughts about experiencing other animals (we’ll leave the human species for other bloggers) in different cultures. Moroccan cats       Susie and I had the first world privilege of traveling with the same well-known tour [...]


The Introvert’s Guide to Animal Advocacy: Phone Calls

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Chances are, you’ve come across plenty of requests to contact your elected official about an issue you care about. Growing up in Europe, I wasn’t used to the concept. I’m just supposed to call up a politician and share my opinion with them? What if they get annoyed, or worse… ask some pointed questions I may not know how to answer? If you’re like me, the act of picking up the phone and talking to a stranger about a topic you’re not an expert on can seem intimidating, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re [...]

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