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Why aren't we walking?! Time was, it never rained in Northern California in August. Mostly, that is. Sure, the occasional sprinkle in summer, but as a routine, it “never happened.” Last week, as I anticipated the arrival of our friend, Bob, for our weekly morning walk I was executing the morning routine of preparing for our walk in a more than usually sporadic manner, putting leashes and harnesses on earlier than necessary and then wandering around the house in a daze doing weird little chores, biding time until the designated hour of 8:30 when [...]


Happy Endings

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Lizzie and Tammy For those who have read Virginia Grainger's piece about Tammy in the Volunteer Blog, Lizzie's telling of Tammy's story brings you behind the scenes to the amazing amount of time and love that went into Tammy's adoption. Here is Lizzie's story: I love my job at the Marin Humane shelter where I am a vet assistant.  Every day, we get to help the animals that come into our care, often needing all the assistance it is possible to give them.  When things work out well for them – as is usually [...]

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Mario’s Story

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Mario was a long shot. He had already been returned from another rescue that thought he needed too much work to be adopted. But what Mario needed was more time and a whole lot of combined effort from the behavior staff, Feline Intervention Team (FIT) volunteers and the Animal Care staff. When Mario first arrived on April 30, 2021, we learned he had lived almost exclusively in a cage since being trapped as a kitten. His siblings had socialized well and had all been adopted. But Mario’s forever-home journey was going to take a lot longer [...]

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Disability Pride

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July was Disability Pride Month. Here at the blog we got so caught up with fish, snakes, gorillas and crocodiles that suddenly it’s August and we haven’t talked about our favorite pets - those with something visibly missing on the outside and something bigger going on inside. Kya post surgery ready to rock 'n roll My dictionary app defines “disability” thus: “lack of adequate power, strength or physical or mental ability; Incapacity. Hmmmm. No, that’s not it. What else? “A physical or mental handicap, especially one that hinders or prevents a person from performing [...]

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Toy Crop Circles

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Dawn with one of the Korean puppies Even a minor Sherlock Holmes talent would easily read the tableau walking into my cottage. The blanket artfully draped over my new, albeit already long suffering sectional sofa predicts the weather; recent rain as evidenced by muddy paw prints on the blanket. Living alone, my dogs on the furniture policy can only be described as indulgent. My clever friend created a training solution to dogs on the furniture. Her requirement is one furry paw must remain on the ground at all times. She recently sent me a [...]

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