Lucky Bunny

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When a stray animal arrives at the Marin Humane Society (MHS), one of the first things we do is to scan him or her for a microchip. A microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit placed under the skin of animals. The chip, about the size of a large grain of rice, uses passive radio frequency identification technology. The microchip is then registered to a database so that lost animals can be tracked and reunited with their guardians. When Marin Humane Society Officer Andy O’Brien brought in a stray rabbit, we weren’t hopeful we’d find a [...]

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Happy Endings – Sweet Samantha

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We adopted Sam on March 28th. Sam is already loved so much and she knows it. Although her home is a huge xpen, she is seldom confined. Sam loves to follow us around the house. She makes us smile and I couldn't have wished for a better bunny. She looks forward to her morning pellets and evening veggies as well. Thank you all. Story submitted to Marin Humane Society

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Happy Endings – Bunny Buddies

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Just wanted to give you an update on the two bunnies we adopted from you. We adopted Cozette in 2007 and once we realized that she'd like a rabbit friend, we got Harv in 2008. After a few weeks of bonding, they were completely devoted to each other, and still are. They are living happily ever after, indoors (litter-box trained) with plenty to keep them happy - an ever-changing configuration of tunnels to run through, paper towel tubes packed with hay, wicker chew toys, and the friendship of our cats. We love watching them run and [...]

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Happy Endings – Potter B.

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Potter might have had a rough start. He had been ill as a baby, and it seemed as though he was not socialized until he made it to the shelter. It took some patience, but Potter has become a well-behaved and very handsome young man. He loves his outdoor time as well as his indoor family time. He is a social guy that loves to spin, kick, and run around the house. He is fastidious about grooming and keeps to his litterbox. He is a great house-bun and wonderful addition to our family. Story submitted to [...]

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