Cat Whispering

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This blog post is authored by Candace Key Jax and Zev needed some time to settle in. Here they are curious and confident! When I’m sitting in room 3 of Cat Adoptions, curled up like a pretzel in the smallest cat kennel, facing the window, talking to myself and slowly blinking my eyes, I must look a bit daft. From the hall, passersby can’t see the young cats that are tucked deep into their safe-place cubbies as I try to assure them I come in peace and with tasty Churu treats. Some of the [...]

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Behavior Puzzles

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Riff Raff and Izzy have a snooze Happy New Year! Working with animals is both easier and more difficult than working with people, mostly depending on how you feel about people. But, that is another story. Animals are wonderful because they are always thrilled to see you, despite the fact you only walked into the living room and back, and their idea of a good time is often just being with you. However, their non-verbal communication style can make medical and behavior problem solving quite difficult. From time to time we get tremendously puzzling [...]

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Mario’s Story

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Mario was a long shot. He had already been returned from another rescue that thought he needed too much work to be adopted. But what Mario needed was more time and a whole lot of combined effort from the behavior staff, Feline Intervention Team (FIT) volunteers and the Animal Care staff. When Mario first arrived on April 30, 2021, we learned he had lived almost exclusively in a cage since being trapped as a kitten. His siblings had socialized well and had all been adopted. But Mario’s forever-home journey was going to take a lot longer [...]

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The Cat, The Rat and the Girl

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Socially responsible pet guardianship can be difficult. Dogs? On-leash or off-leash? Do you really have voice control? Or did you take one series of beginning dog training and call it a wrap? Cats? Indoors or outdoors? “Catios” or cat proof fencing? This is just a short example of choices pet guardians make that impact other people and animals. The other night, Riff Raff, my generous but most troublesome cat, brought me a midnight gift of a live rat. Anyone who has been the beneficiary of such largesse can easily recognize the sounds of squeaking and scrabbling [...]

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Boss Cats

By |2021-04-21T16:43:16-07:00April 21, 2021|Behavior & Training|

Lorenzo oversees music production (all playing stops until dinner is served). We have a boss cat. Do you? Not clear on the concept? Here are some key questions to consider: Does everyone in your household adjust their routine for the cat? Can your cat stop your dog in his tracks with a glance? Are your neighbors’ cat-focused dogs afraid of your cat? Do your friends who claim they hate cats love yours? If your cat was human would he have dubious connections to organized crime? If you answered yes to any of the above [...]

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