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By Kim Bromley Washable area rugs are expensive and worth it! As I contemplate Claude’s latest throw up at 2:35am my mind catches on the practice of gratitude. This is lofty business in the middle of the night and challenging to engage with after the sound of a retching poodle has sent me hurtling out of bed in the middle of a dream about flying over the Azores. But we’ve all been there, am I right? That sound that penetrates your deepest sleep despite any mitigating Ambien, gummies or Scotch before bed. The sound [...]


Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tail…

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Did you know that every adoption animal at Marin Humane gets all the time they need to find a loving home? It’s true - thanks to the support of our generous community of donors. Mr. Howell needed a lot of time and care before finding a new family. Indeed, he was in dire straits when he first arrived as a kitten in the summer of 2022, emaciated and dehydrated due to a serious colon condition. Our expert veterinary team got right to work, providing time-intensive treatments and even surgery. Thankfully, Mr. Howell’s health improved significantly over [...]

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By Kim Bromley When casting about for a new blog topic I realized the blog hasn’t discussed cats very much lately. This put me in mind of our recently departed Lorenzo and then, naturally, all the wonderful cats who shared our lives for the past 37 years. After my flood of tears subsided I decided to write a very personal (and hopefully entertaining) blog about the cat(s) I miss. I moved to Marin in the summer of 1987 to work for LucasFilm. At the time, I was three years out of graduate school, working free lance, [...]

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Busman’s Holiday

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By Kim Bromley First recorded in the United Kingdom in 1893 (according to my AI), the idea that a busman, or a person who drives a bus to make a living, would use bus transport for their holiday was one of ironic amusement. I’ve been active in animal shelter life for thirty years, so naturally when I go on vacation - or holiday, as it’s known in Brit influenced parts of the world - I visit animal shelters. Needless to say, I’m fun to travel with [eye roll emoji here]. I’ve seen shelters of all stripes, [...]

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Cat Whispering

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This blog post is authored by Candace Key Jax and Zev needed some time to settle in. Here they are curious and confident! When I’m sitting in room 3 of Cat Adoptions, curled up like a pretzel in the smallest cat kennel, facing the window, talking to myself and slowly blinking my eyes, I must look a bit daft. From the hall, passersby can’t see the young cats that are tucked deep into their safe-place cubbies as I try to assure them I come in peace and with tasty Churu treats. Some of the [...]

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