Cat Whispering

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This blog post is authored by Candace Key Jax and Zev needed some time to settle in. Here they are curious and confident! When I’m sitting in room 3 of Cat Adoptions, curled up like a pretzel in the smallest cat kennel, facing the window, talking to myself and slowly blinking my eyes, I must look a bit daft. From the hall, passersby can’t see the young cats that are tucked deep into their safe-place cubbies as I try to assure them I come in peace and with tasty Churu treats. Some of the [...]

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Why aren't we walking?! Time was, it never rained in Northern California in August. Mostly, that is. Sure, the occasional sprinkle in summer, but as a routine, it “never happened.” Last week, as I anticipated the arrival of our friend, Bob, for our weekly morning walk I was executing the morning routine of preparing for our walk in a more than usually sporadic manner, putting leashes and harnesses on earlier than necessary and then wandering around the house in a daze doing weird little chores, biding time until the designated hour of 8:30 when [...]


Behavior Puzzles

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Riff Raff and Izzy have a snooze Happy New Year! Working with animals is both easier and more difficult than working with people, mostly depending on how you feel about people. But, that is another story. Animals are wonderful because they are always thrilled to see you, despite the fact you only walked into the living room and back, and their idea of a good time is often just being with you. However, their non-verbal communication style can make medical and behavior problem solving quite difficult. From time to time we get tremendously puzzling [...]

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A beautiful and mysterious visitor In Neil’s previous blog about mistaken identities it was brought to light that many cats share similar physical characteristics. This came home to roost for me, quite literally, when one of my neighbor’s cats went missing and a cat who fit his description showed up in our garage, then took to visiting our deck chairs when the sun was hitting them just right. The neighbor’s missing cat is a young, svelte grey tabby with green eyes, as is the cat who decided our house seemed like a cool place [...]



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Kitties, like people, are thankful for each other To mark the holiday when we give thanks for all of our good fortune Dawn, Neil, Susie and I are sharing those things for which we are thankful. Our styles differ, but our sentiments are universal; we suspect you will share many of the same . To get the gratitude party started I am thankful for our readers. Whether this is the first time you are reading our blog or you’ve read every one or you’re a person with a busy life who’s read a few, [...]

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