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In an ongoing series on dog sports, Behavior and Training Director, Dawn Kovell, sheds light and enthusiasm on Agility! Also available, Flyball, Teaching your Dog to Swim and Dock Diving. As a dog trainer and behavior consultant for the Behavior and Training Department at Marin Humane I tell our clients that one of the first steps toward preventing and solving behavior problems is to ensure that the dog’s emotional cup is full. I know this to be true, I really do! Recently, one of my sports dogs injured his ankle, had to have surgery and has [...]

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Waiting for more active hikers and bikers to pass Recently, Dawn and Kim found themselves on separate but equal rants about interacting with the world at large when out and about with our dogs. At the risk of putting out negative vibes we thought some of our readers might have similar experiences and feelings about it all, so without further ado here are a couple rants and hopefully a smattering of humor along the way. Dawn: One of the most frustrating questions we get in dog training classes is, what  should one do when [...]

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Laughing with Your Dogs

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A face built for stand-up comedy Among the many burning questions we all ask ourselves often without getting firm answers are these:  Do dogs have a sense of humor?  Are they amused when funny things happen?  Are they actively trying to make us laugh when they perform their antics?  Or are their hijinks just snow jobs performed with ulterior motives to earn rewards?  Is it a matter of tricking for treats? Scientists in their white coats have long argued about this in learned articles and earnest debates and say they have not yet found [...]

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Strange and Wonderful Things to Do with Dogs – Sport Version Dock Diving

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Dawn and the very talented Baloo I am the beneficiary of a rather excellent childhood. My family lived directly across the street from my grandparent’s dairy farm. I shared my days with cows, horses, cats, dogs, pigs and even the occasional goat. No chickens though. My grandmother didn’t think they were “clean” animals. Although she never showed much concern when the dogs ate the cow placentas during calving season. Her Finnish frugality was no doubt pleased with the reduction in the kibble bill. Of course these days, I can only imagine what the “raw [...]

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Toy Crop Circles

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Dawn with one of the Korean puppies Even a minor Sherlock Holmes talent would easily read the tableau walking into my cottage. The blanket artfully draped over my new, albeit already long suffering sectional sofa predicts the weather; recent rain as evidenced by muddy paw prints on the blanket. Living alone, my dogs on the furniture policy can only be described as indulgent. My clever friend created a training solution to dogs on the furniture. Her requirement is one furry paw must remain on the ground at all times. She recently sent me a [...]

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