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By Kim Bromley Washable area rugs are expensive and worth it! As I contemplate Claude’s latest throw up at 2:35am my mind catches on the practice of gratitude. This is lofty business in the middle of the night and challenging to engage with after the sound of a retching poodle has sent me hurtling out of bed in the middle of a dream about flying over the Azores. But we’ve all been there, am I right? That sound that penetrates your deepest sleep despite any mitigating Ambien, gummies or Scotch before bed. The sound [...]



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By Neil Lurssen If there is one thing you can say about the good people of Germany, it’s this: “Don’t mess with their dogs!”  The fine folks of the Fatherland are known to dote on their canine pets and, in particular, the breeds that carry national pride – like the Dachshund and the German Shepherd who are right up there at the top of the list of favorites. Take for instance the dog we in America affectionately call the Doxie - the little fellow with the long body, the ridiculously stubby legs, the amazing flapping ears, [...]


Pit Bulls – Can a Dog Named Pork Chop Possibly Be a Killer?

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The author with a friend     By Neil Lurssen Anyone who has worked in a dog rescue shelter will tell you that Pit Bulls and other members of the Bully family are among the most lovable, loyal and entertaining of all. They are also the most frequently surrendered to shelters, confiscated, rescued as strays or found abandoned. They are the Oliver Twists of the canine world – creatures that, more than any other breed, have been abused by humans down the years when all that most of them seem to want is affection. [...]

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Busman’s Holiday

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By Kim Bromley First recorded in the United Kingdom in 1893 (according to my AI), the idea that a busman, or a person who drives a bus to make a living, would use bus transport for their holiday was one of ironic amusement. I’ve been active in animal shelter life for thirty years, so naturally when I go on vacation - or holiday, as it’s known in Brit influenced parts of the world - I visit animal shelters. Needless to say, I’m fun to travel with [eye roll emoji here]. I’ve seen shelters of all stripes, [...]

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Dognapping is Bad – but Dog Napping is Good

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By Neil Lurssen For sailors in the Royal Navy in the Nelson days, it was an ultimate sin to strike an officer. Do that and you’d be swinging from the yardarm by dawn’s early light. But you could get away with it at times: if an officer rousted a man asleep in his hammock there was a grace period of a few minutes for automatic lashing out. Showing rare pragmatism, the admirals forgave the sailor’s outburst as a natural reaction. They instructed officers to go ahead and roust when they had to – and then stand [...]

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