Can dogs predict the future?

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Yes – at times. "I'm just sayin..." Packing up to bug out The next time our family pooches start behaving in an agitated way for no good reason that we can see, we may want to check our disaster survival supplies – water, first-aid kit, essential medications, spare clothes, cash money, and the rest of what we need to cope with the Big One. And don’t forget our pet’s necessities. Fido and his pals may be telling us that another bad earthquake is about to hit the Bay Area.   We should [...]

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Plan B – What’s next for your pet if you are out of the picture?

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This is Claude. He’s my first poodle in fifty years of dog guardianship and I hope not my last. He’s twelve years old and the smartest dog I’ve ever lived with. And that’s saying something. Claude came to live with us two years ago when his mom, Patty, one of the dearest friends I’ve ever known, moved to assisted living. Patty had early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, so even though pets were welcome in her new home, she could no longer manage the simplest tasks required to care for a dog. The situation broke everyone’s heart, not [...]

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