Foster Reunions

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By Kim Bromley and Susie Harper If you’ve fostered a pet - especially kittens and puppies - you’ve heard this question: “How can you give them back? I could never do it.” And it’s true, fostering isn’t for everyone. We’ve written about fostering before in this blog: the joys and challenges, senior partners and the fun of seeing your fosters in their new homes. What we haven’t focused on solely is reunions. Herewith, one of the many pleasures of fostering: seeing once again and even spending time with foster pets post adoption. Susie Harper, long time [...]

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Happy Endings

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Lizzie and Tammy For those who have read Virginia Grainger's piece about Tammy in the Volunteer Blog, Lizzie's telling of Tammy's story brings you behind the scenes to the amazing amount of time and love that went into Tammy's adoption. Here is Lizzie's story: I love my job at the Marin Humane shelter where I am a vet assistant.  Every day, we get to help the animals that come into our care, often needing all the assistance it is possible to give them.  When things work out well for them – as is usually [...]

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Fostering and Spicy Dogs

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In the pandemic summer of 2020, after three happy foster experiences (two shy little dogs from a hoarding situation and one elderly shepherd mix) we brought home a people shy and possibly “bite prone” Chihuahua mix. Let’s call him Tiny to protect his identity. After a few weeks of what felt like successful fostering, Tiny was adopted by a perfectly lovely family. Then he bit Dad and had to be returned. At that point, I wasn’t sure what else our home could offer Tiny. My concern was that he would learn he could pull that stunt [...]

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