Labrador Tales – Final Chapter

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CHAPTER 5:  SEQUOIA, BRINGING UP PUPPY Puppy Sequoia 2017; Thanksgiving 2017 A ten-week-old puppy brings a lot of joy but is also a lot of work. I bought a crate, a mat, an exercise pen and a tarp to cover the carpeted floor, a leash, food, a small bowl, and some puppy toys.  The first two weeks I slept on the living room couch where he could see me from his crate, and I could see if he needed to go out.  Both the back stairs and the front stairs were too steep for [...]

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Labrador Tales continued…

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Pam with her beloved Sequoia CHAPTER 4:  SHASTA, THERAPY DOG When the Flagstaff breeder brought out the litter of puppies, one of them ran right up to Vicki and Don.  “He was so sweet and gentle,” said Vicki.  “We knew he was the one for you.”  And so they brought him home to Sedona, where they were living at the time. I was still teaching high school, so I first saw him when I flew down on Easter break. He was a little over two months old. I carried him around the house, slept [...]

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Labrador Tales

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Bronco at Stinson Beach CHAPTER 1:  THE DOG HOUSE I had always been afraid of dogs.  Until I met Vicki.  Vicki is a dog trainer, and when she lived up the street, she often boarded dogs.  And of course she had several dogs of her own.  Our houses were small, and when I walked up to visit, there would be a dog behind every door.  The front door to start.  And then the bathroom door. If I went into her bedroom to try the other bathroom, there was a dog behind that door as [...]

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